The Top Earners: Celebrity Edition

There have been many overnight successes in the luxurious world of celebrity, and many of those individuals have not only had a special talent to sell and promote, but they fell upon a special opportunity along the way. These celebrities have each come from a unique and special story, but all share one thing in common: massive riches.

Celebrity allows someone in the arts to promote themselves through not only the entertainment of others, but by managing merchandising products, and making use of a number of ways to sell themselves. Sean Combs, also known as Puff Daddy or P.Diddy, was the top earner among celebrities in the year 2016. This celebrity has been able to market himself far beyond the peak of his marketable talent, making himself a whopping $130 million dollars a year. Beyonce Knowles who is in the peak of her entertainment career, made $105 million in the previous year. Although Sean Combs does not make his money through his entertainment, he has made more money capitalizing on his popularity and investing in his personal businesses. Beyonce Knowles, who is trailing Sean Combs by $25 million, is investing far more time into her main singing and entertaining career.

J.K Rowling is the third highest earner of 2016 among celebrities, by pulling in $95 million dollars worth of royalties from the Harry Potter phenomenon. Her creative ideas have made her the third highest earner even years after the release of her books and movies. Drake follows her at $94 million through using his own independent label. Other artists like Justin Bieber, who may have a larger following, only collected $83.3 million last year because of the large team he must pay.

There are a number of ways that celebrities make their earnings, but it is becoming clear that the entrepreneurship skills of an artist is highly related to how long they will maintain that high level of earning.

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