The Secrets of Self Made Millionaires

Who are the world’s top earners? How did they become the richest people in the world? Many royal families inherited their millions, while others simply became cared for by a trust fund. How many millionaires have actually made their own way through today’s economy to join those top earners?

Although most of the rich people in the world have inherited their millions, there are a few extremely rich individuals who have built their massive bank accounts all by themselves.

Bill Gates was one of the internet giants who became a self made top earner through Microsoft, and now has a net worth of $81 billion dollars. He sits in a large group of millionaires who became the top earners through the internet, with individuals such as Jeff Bezos from Amazon, who made $67 billion dollars, and Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook, who has made $55.5 billion. Other self made top earners in the internet industry are Sergey Brin, who has made $37.5 through Google, and Micheal Dell, who has made $20 billion through Dell computers.

There are some self made millionaires outside the internet industry such as Sheldon Adelson, who found $31.8 billion dollars worth of wealth in the casino industry, and Phil Knight, who made $25.5 billion dollars through the evolution of his popularized fashion brand, Nike. Many billionaires have maximized on the current trends and other sciences, including the psychology of human behaviour. For example, Charles Egan, who was able to make $14.7 billion dollars through satellite TV, used his ability to bring speciality TV to people around the world.

It is clear that the self made millionaire has an awareness of the current trends happening around the world. Many of these millionaires worked to solve a problem or bring people something they really wanted. Meeting these needs has paved the way to riches for most self made millionaires and billionaires.

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