Croydons "Back Garden Railway"

Woodside - Sanderstead Closed 13 May 83

Elmers End - Addiscombe Closed 31 May 97

Due to pressure (you know who you are!) and that I found some more pictures my Father took during the early days of the Tramlink construction, I've now decided to revamp this section and bring you photos for the whole of the Woodside & South Croydon Railway. All 4 1/4 miles (12 minutes travel) plus the 3/4 mile branch from Woodside (3 minutes travel) to Addiscombe.

Sadly these routes were never popular with the public. I believe Addiscombe was only kept open to house stock. Elmers End - Sanderstead line was reduced to a peak hour only service in it's latter years. When it closed it was reported as being used by only 150 people a day.

Ok. Sitting comfortably with a box of tissues? We'll begin........

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Elmers End
The Tramlink platform was originally used for the Addiscombe and Sanderstead trains.
28 May 06

28 May 06

13 May 83

Looking towards Hayes left and Croydon right. An EPB #5763 in the 83 pic.



Sometime in 98

I think they're laying the tram tracks and not lifting the train tracks.

Looking towards Elmers End and Croydon respectively.

28 May 06

Top photos are looking toward Elmers End and below is looking towards Croydon.

I couldn't recreate the earlier photos as the footbridge has now been removed.


Pre-opening spring 2000

From photos of this station in the 50s & 60s it was a smart little station with a news agent, but now its a horrid eyesore.

I seem to recall trams ran ages before passenger use. Notice how all the station signs are covered, so you can't guess where you are!

13 May 83

Looking towards Addiscombe

As you can see from the top photo, the platforms were totally revamped for the Tramlink.

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